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1 in 10 Depressed

1 in 10 Depressed

Depression and our need to make a contribution and be gainfully connected to some form of work that inspires is, is crucial to our psychological wellbeing.  A recent US study highlights this but I see this in Australia too.

Nearly one in 10 Americans is depressed, and one in 30 meets the criteria for major depression, with the rate higher among the unemployed or those who can’t work, a study said on Thursday.

Nine per cent of more than 235,000 adults polled from 2006-2008 in 45 US states, the capital Washington, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, met the criteria for depression, and 3.4 per cent for “major” depression, according to the study by US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Purpose and meaning is essential to psychological wellbeing with work holding this potential to develop this and connect and create with others.  However, over the last 10 years I have witnessed firsthand through seeing clients that the Australian lifestyle is increasingly under threat.  With many Australians working excessive hours (in pursuit of the dollar which maybe they believe will ultimately give them more freedom and choice), burnout and disillusionment often results.  Then depression sets in.

Let’s learn to create a rich and balanced life – seeking or creating work we love with time to smell the roses!  Counselling is an excellent way to gain assistance in navigating changes you would like to make, identify and remove your own myths and ‘internal saboteurs’ and develop effective strategies and methods to improve your life.

Written by: Clare Mann