A Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship is what everyone says they want and yet few people seem to be able to sustain healthy relationships. Some people have particular challenges with different types of relationships – for example, they have healthy connections with friends or family but find intimate relationships difficult – or they find business relationships easy but exchanges with their teenage children intolerable.

healthy relationshipsWhat does it take to have healthy relationships and can a couple learn to establish a healthy relationship? The answer to that question is yes, anyone can learn how to have healthy relationships. Take for example, a couple, there do appear to be some important ingredients: – A healthy relationship with one’s self is essential. You must learn to like yourself, accept your limitations, understand your values, beliefs and emotions and be comfortable in expressing yourself. – Good communication skill are essential This involves the ability to listen, empathise and be genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of another person. –

The ability to have difficult or crucial conversations is necessary since issues that get buried result in resentment and anger. – Willingness to challenge your own myths and assumptions about other people is essential to avoid judging another person and missing their uniqueness. – Developing a genuine desire to anticipate the needs of another person whilst educating them how to treat you. Do not assume the person knows how you want to be treated. If you are not treated or spoken to in ways that make your feel respected, it is your responsibility to speak out.

Ability to show respect to another person as well as yourself is essential for healthy interactions. These are some of the ingredients of a healthy relationship and are as applicable to intimate relationships as friendships or family. In business, there is of course more formality and protocol but this does not negate the ingredients – it means less personal self-disclosure and appropriate sharing but it does require the ability to have crucial conversations, educate others how to treat you and a genuine desire to have harmonious exchanges. Healthy relationships are essential for psychological wellbeing and poor relationships lower self esteem, decrease wellbeing and breed unhappiness or even depression. Professional help iis often required to learn to the skills and change internal templates of how you have experienced relationships in the past.

Abuse in relationships