Abuse Issues

Abuse issues affect a person’s life long after the initial trauma is passed.? Abuse occurs in many forms – physical, sexual, psychological, emotional and financial.? Abuse occurs when someone deliberately and illegally or unfairly uses their power to impose pain on another person without their permission.? When abuse occurs within childhood, it is extremely difficult for a child to deal with the abuse at the time.? They belong to the family and have to be connected for their survival – they may feel disloyal or have been threatened not to tell anyone – This creates an intolerable situation for a child who has no way out.

Abuse in adult life is also an extremely painful cycle and self-esteem, feelings of self-worth and ability to escape the cycle become very difficult.? All abuse leaves scars – it is important to process these painful emotions so the wounds don’t keep erupting or that you end up attracting similar situations unconsciously.? Counselling is a confidential and safe way to work through your pain and create a better life.

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