Anorexia Slogan – Kate Moss

How sad? that despite? reinforcing women developing healthier relationship with their bodies, Kate Moss seems to reveal her values about the merits of the skinny body.

This highlights the myths or unquestioned assumptions underlying her words – the assumption that it is preferable to be thin than not.? By challenging those myths that influence us to think, feel and respond in ways bounded by unquestioned assumptions,? we start to truly think for ourselves – and live with the anxiety that what we think and feel may, and probably will, differ from the majority.

The Group Myths operating here are enormous – imploring us to look to others to see what is appropriate.? However, for the developing individual, it is challenging to stand out from others and be different.? It takes time as the individual gains confidence and autonomy over their life.? Unfortunately,? few people really choose how they want to live their lives – outside the bounds of society’s dictates.? Those that do can, live purposefully beyond ‘shoulds, oughts and musts’ of? society. Let’s start by? rejecting the myth of emaciation!

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