Bi-Polar Disorder – Creative Genius?

The term bi-polar disorder seems to have entered everyday language.? The term is used by many people commenting on someone else’s mercurial and changeable mood patterns and behaviour.? This doesn’t mean people who behave in highly changeable ways – exhilarated and intensively creative one minute and depressed and despairing the next, would be labelled with the medical term Bipolar Disorder. ? Everyday stresses, burnout and overload lead to mood swings which are understandable and changes in one’s lifestyle can make enormously positively improvements.

Bipolar disorder used to be called Manic Depression by the medical profession.? Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterised by episodes of mania and depression.? It is different from mood swings – it makes people close to them bewildered and shocked by such extreme changes that they often feel they don’t understand the person at all.? One key factor reported is that when the person is in the Manic Phase, they can demonstrate extreme creative genius or entrepreneurial abilities.? This doesn’t mean people with these qualities are bipolar – but it does mean that people who are labelled as bipolar often appear to access creative abilities within themselves when they are in the mania stage.? The challenge they face is that they can burn themselves out through this process and the resultant depressive stage can be enormously debilitating.

If you are concerned that you or someone you know might be acting in intensively creative ways where ‘there is no stopping them’ (and you fear for their physical and psychological health), it is wise to seek professional help to ascertain how to deal constructively with this.

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