Bi-Polar Disorder – Chemical or life imbalance?

Bi-Polar Disorder is characterised by a cycle of manic behaviour and debilitating depression.? Anyone who has suffered or observed the process, might readily accept explanations of chemical imbalance since what else could cause such extremes of behaviour and mood?? When experiencing mania, the individual has enormous energy and can work on something for hours without a break, with little awareness of bodily needs such as food, sleep or bathroom visits.? Mood is elevated and people around often find this behaviour overbearing or intense.? The individual often reports feeling peak experiences or creativity, optimism and energy.? Then the mood changes – the individual is plunged into depression, darkness and with so little motivation they may not be able to get out of bed.?? Is this due to chemical imbalances or is there more to this?

bipolar - chemical imbalance?

bipolar – chemical imbalance?

Whilst there is evidence that chemical changes do occur in the body that directly relate to mood, my own experience of working with this syndrome indicates it is often related to living contrary to one’s desires and aspirations.? This may be sound trivial since the sufferer indeed finds their life dramatically disrupted.? However, when? a sufferer dares to explore beneath the surface, it is often the case that their symptoms distract them from addressing important questions about their life choices.

For the many individuals I have worked with who have been labelled bi-polar disorder, psychological counselling reveals an event or series of events that inhibit the individual truly choosing their life direction – and the question remains ‘What comes first?? Chemical imbalance or life imbalance?’

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