BiPolar Disorder – What causes it and what is the best treatment?

Bi-Polar condition is the name given to the swings of depression and extremely energised behaviour and thought patterns previosuly labelled as Manic Depression.? The sufferer swings from periods of depression and inability to function in the world, to periods of activity (sometimes frenzied), coupled with the inability to sleep, eat or rest.

In working with clients labelled as BiPolar, I have found that the condition can act as a powerful barometer of where an individual is failing to face important decisions or life changes that are necessary for them to create a life of balance and satisfaction.? Whilst Bi Polar condition can be a challenging and distressing condition, particularly during periods of depression, it can be an opportunity to see its positive role.? Bi Polar reactions of depression and mania are often related to stressful or unbalanced life circumstances and give an important reminder to change or reflect on things.

If a person dares to take time to examine ways in which they deny or avoid taking charge of their life, they can see Bi Polar condition as a powerful barameter of what they must do to live authentically and fully.

Depression – Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth