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  • Mbtitest

    Compatibility in Relationships and MBTI

    When a couple appear to see things very differently it is tempting to ask ‘Are we compatible?’ ‘Should we stay together?’ The answer to that question depends on whether they share sufficiently strong core values. A couple can interact differently, prefer differing amounts of time …

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  • Toxic Workplace Relationships

    Toxic Relationships in the Workplace

    Everyone experiences relationship challenges in the workplace. Differences exist between people, which result in mild disagreements through to extreme conflict. What are the actual behaviours that result in relationships being called toxic? The Word ‘toxic’ is used when something is harmful and causes sickness. Long-term …

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  • Findivegantherapist

    Why do vegans believe a psychologist must be vegan to understand them?

    Of my clients who are vegan, the vast majority say that they have transferred to seeing a vegan psychologist because other psychologists can’t fully understand them. This is particularly the case if clients are seeking a psychologist because of trauma related to what they have …

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  • Couplescounsellingvideo

    Why do couples often fight in the first therapy session?

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  • 17308737 S

    Why Good Communication Requires Heart and Head

    Many clients I see become frustrated when they can’t get other people to listen or do what they agree to do. Is this because of poor communication or is there something else they need to change? It seems that many people believe that if they …

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  • Notbeingunderstoodinrelationship

    Why doesn’t my partner understand me?

    How often have you heard this from friends who feel exasperated that their partner doesn’t understand them? The person doesn’t feel heard despite, presumably trying to get their point across. What’s going on? Does the other person not listen to them, is their message confusing …

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  • Couplescounselling

    Couples counselling and identifying cycles

    Couples often come to see me for couples counselling to try and understand why they keep arguing and fighting. Each person usually has a different perspective on what is going on, each usually believing that if other person would change a particular aspect of what …

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  • Keepingontrack

    Keeping on track with goals

    At any time, you are either moving towards a goal or away from it. The journey towards achieving your goal does not necessarily run in a straight line. At times you may feel you are moving forward easily and at other times, feel you are …

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  • Socialphobias

    Fear of Social Situations

    Recently, I’ve seen an increase in people telling me they have a Social Phobia. They report feeling anxious in social situations and become tongue-tied and self-conscious. Sometimes their anxiety is so great that they have to leave the situation and it interferes with their work, …

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  • Yesnomaybe

    Why is disappointing other people so difficult to handle?

    As a psychologist I see people struggle enormously with saying things or taking actions that disappoint others. The struggle seems to be greater with certain people, usually family or close friends. They go to great lengths to modify what they want to say in a …

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