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  • Bi-Polar Disorder – Creative Genius?

    The term bi-polar disorder seems to have entered everyday language.? The term is used by many people commenting on someone else’s mercurial and changeable mood patterns and behaviour.? This doesn’t mean people who behave in highly changeable ways – exhilarated and intensively creative one minute …

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  • Bipolar Disorder – Creative Genius or Transcending everyday normality?

    Bipolar Disorder is characterised by extreme mood swings between euphoria and depression. The extremes of mood often inhibit the individual functioning on a daily basis. When euphoric, they find it hard to relate to the trivial nature of everyday functioning and when depressed, they might …

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  • Bi-Polar Disorder – Chemical or life imbalance?

    Bi-Polar Disorder is characterised by a cycle of manic behaviour and debilitating depression.? Anyone who has suffered or observed the process, might readily accept explanations of chemical imbalance since what else could cause such extremes of behaviour and mood?? When experiencing mania, the individual has …

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Bi-Polar Disorder - Chemical or life imbalance?