Choosing a Child Psychologist in Sydney

Taking Your Kids to Psychologists

The need of psychologists is not limited to adults. Kids can benefit greatly from psychological therapy. Psychologists can help your child in variety of ways. They can help them develop their problem-solving skills as well as help them deal with stress and emotional and behavioral issues. Kids are carefree and stress is something experienced by adults is a myth. Many kids face emotional issues causing stress and anxiety. Your kid may feel stressed and pressured in school due to school work and exam, bullying, peer pressure, etc. or at home due to conflicts with family members, recent divorce of parents, illness in the family, etc.

Often, as a parent, you may have apprehensions or hesitations in taking your child to see a psychologist. You may have reservations that it will affect your child’s confidence or led them to think something is wrong with them. You may also think that dealing with issues on their own build character. It might be true to an extent but if your child is suffering from psychological problems, this can actually hurt them.

There is an entire field of psychology reserved for children called child psychology and psychologists who treat children are called child psychologists. Child psychologists work with children to diagnose problems and disorders, and provide therapy accordingly. In addition to treating emotional disturbance, they assess kids for disorder such as learning disabilities, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, anxiety and depression. They also evaluate children for developmental delays, autism and other development related problems. Significant events such as death in the family or friends, divorce, abuse, illness in the family or any other trauma can cause stress in your kid resulting in behavioral problems, moodiness, lack of appetite or sleep, and academic or social malfunction. A child may become withdrawn, anxious or even teary. Psychologists can help your kid deal with these issues in a safe and comfortable environment. Depending on the issue, they use variety of techniques and settings to treat them.

Psychologists are experts in determining the core issues through behavior, actions and feeling. It is harder for kids to deal with feelings and problems. Psychologists help them understand their feelings, resolve problems and deal with stressful situations. The ultimate goal is to make your child feel better and do better in life. They mainly treat children by listening and talking with them.

Psychologists help kids deal with strong and difficult feelings. In addition to aforementioned issues, they can help kids in dealing with shyness and inability to communicate effectively, feeling of worry, stress or fear which keeps them from eating and sleeping properly or enjoying and having fun, sadness and grief and excessive anger. They listen to children and make them feel understood. They can teach them how to get along with others, how to cope with loss and deal with tough situations. They can coach them on improving their listening skills, concentration and productivity in school. They can help kids in improving their daily routine, eating habits, exercise and sleeping. They can even help kids quit a bad habit.

In short, child psychologists work with infants, toddlers, children and teens. Some psychologists specialize in a specific age group. But despite age group, all child psychologists focus on helping understand, avoid and cure developmental, cognitive, emotional and social problems that your child may be suffering from.

Tips for Choosing the Right Psychologist in Sydney

Tips for Choosing the Right Psychologist for You

Psychologists are trained to help you deal with emotional problems and issues. They assist you in dealing and overcoming negative feelings and problems that are beyond your control. They also treat more severe mental disorders and diseases, but in this article we will limit ourselves to emotional disturbances and problems. These issues may arise from number of situations, including but not limited to, marriage or relationship problems, dealing with loss of a loved one, performance difficulties in school, job, etc., loss of job, family issues, depression, stress or substance abuse. Although, you may want to deal with these problems on your own, and at times you successfully can, but there are other times when you may need professional help to keep these problems from interfering in your normal life. Psychologists can effectively help you deal with such situations and return you to your normal self. But choosing the right psychologists is very important in this process. The considerations for choosing an appropriate psychologist are:


It is essential to verify the education and credentials of the psychologist you are looking to visit. They should have a post graduate degree in clinical psychology. After completing their doctoral degree, they should have undertaken a supervised clinical internship in a hospital and have at least one year of supervised experience prior to practicing independently. They should be licensed to practice. You can contact your state licensing board to check the standing of their license and that they don’t have any complaints filed against them. It can be helpful to acquire the number of years they have been practicing as experience contributes to the effectiveness.

Area of Expertise & Theoretical Orientation

Clinical psychology is a vast field and usually psychologists specialize in one or two branches. There are psychologists that mainly help families and children, marriage counselling, etc. Hence, it is essential to choose a psychologist which deals in the area you need help in as it ensures that he/she has the required experience to help you. It can be helpful to ask your doctor or people you trust for recommendations. Also, research their methodology. Different psychologists use different approaches and not every approach may work for you. It is recommended to talk to the psychologists about their method of therapy so see whether it works for you and your issues or not. For instances, for unconscious motivation of behavior, you might prefer a psychodynamic therapists or if you wish to change your thought pattern, you may want to go to cognitive therapists.

Rapport & Comfort Level

It is important to choose a psychologist with proper credentials and area of expertise but if you don’t develop a level of comfort or rapport with them, they are pointless. Not everyone can find comfort grounds with any psychologist. Also, it helps you discover whether you will be able to share personal and private information about your life with them comfortably. A good rapport is key to the success of the treatment. If you are not satisfied with the therapists you have chosen, change them without feeling guilty.

These tips are just the basic guidelines to assist you in finding the right psychologists, so that you can find the help that you need to be normal.