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    Beware – Words are Powerful

    Many personal development books will tell you that ‘Thoughts are Things’. They are powerful in themselves and create our experiences. When they are spoken, the actual words reinforce our beliefs, perceptions and experiences. But regardless of whether those words are negative or positive, they both …

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  • Why do we fear disappointing others?

    Many people shy away from saying and doing what they want because they fear other people will criticise them. They may not have any evidence that that will happen – just the thought of it makes them ‘back off’ from doing what they want or …

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  • Why do I feel guilty?

    Many people feel guilty about something that happened in the past and continue to carry around the heaviness of guilt with them – sometimes for years. It pervades their life, giving a negative overlay to everything they do and, in some cases, cripples them to …

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  • The Ultimate New Year Resolution

    New Year Resolutions are made in an attempt to improve some aspect of your life.? However, they are seldom kept because whilst you may have good intentions, unconscious counter-intentions sabotage your success. This year, change how you make New Year resolutions.? Become 100% responsible for …

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  • New Year’s Resolutions – do them differently!

    New Year’s Resolutions are made every year by thousands of people who, within 4 or 5 days break them.? Why is this so? Resolutions are often a form of punishment towards ourselves for what we have not previously achieved or what we believe we could …

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  • The Psychology of Success

    Success in life, career, relationships or business is often synonymous with financial, social or material reward.? Someone who has a high income, the material rewards to reflect their efforts and connections as a result of status or achievement is often considered to be successful.? Whilst …

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  • Psychology of Integrity

    My recent expereince of selling property highlighted the different beliefs on the psychology of integrity. Having accepted an offer and progressed the sale(with a buyer who excited about buying his first home), an investor offered an enhanced price if I agreed to give him the …

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  • Finding a Psychologist in Sydney

    Finding a psychologist that you not only feel comfortable with but who make a real and positive impact in your life, can be challenging.? How do you choose from the hundreds of therapist and psychology websites that result when you type this question into Google? …

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  • Finding a Psychologist

    Finding a psychologist can be daunting.? Ideally, someone whose judgement you trust recommends someone but often not an option if you wish to keep your intentions confidential.? Here are some tips to assist yo, but before you read this, I want to remind you of …

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  • Can mindfulness keep me on track?

    There is much written on Mindfulness as a means of focusing and becoming more present and aware of everything one does. This is often a challenge as much of our everyday lives comprise setting future goals and strategies, with scant attention given to ‘now’. The …

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