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  • Mbtitest

    Compatibility in Relationships and MBTI

    When a couple appear to see things very differently it is tempting to ask ‘Are we compatible?’ ‘Should we stay together?’ The answer to that question depends on whether they share sufficiently strong core values. A couple can interact differently, prefer differing amounts of time …

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  • 17308737 S

    Why Good Communication Requires Heart and Head

    Many clients I see become frustrated when they can’t get other people to listen or do what they agree to do. Is this because of poor communication or is there something else they need to change? It seems that many people believe that if they …

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  • Notbeingunderstoodinrelationship

    Why doesn’t my partner understand me?

    How often have you heard this from friends who feel exasperated that their partner doesn’t understand them? The person doesn’t feel heard despite, presumably trying to get their point across. What’s going on? Does the other person not listen to them, is their message confusing …

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  • Introvertsandextraverts

    Do Opposites Attract?

    People often find that their partner is very different from them and that over time they change. For example, one person is blamed for not wanting to socialise and is considered boring whilst the other one wants to party when the children have grown up, …

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  • How a Question Can Save a Relationship

    Communication breakdowns in relationships often occur because the participants become so engrossed in their own points of view that they don’t listen or acknowledge the other person’s perspective. For example, an individual can tell the other person that they are unhappy with them and provide …

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  • Couples Counselling – Can it help you?

    Couples counselling offers an opportunity for a couple to work through problems that seem insurmountable. A couple that are constantly in conflict, with one or more feeling misunderstood or communication has broken down completely, often seek out counselling. How can couples counselling help and what …

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  • Communication Solutions in One Place

    As a psychologist, I have seen a pattern in the type of challenges people face. People see a psychologist for a number of reasons but the underlying challenges have to do with relationships. They link to a person’s relationship with themselves and/or with other people. …

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  • Rescue dog teaches psychologist lessons in love

    As a psychologist, I believe that forgiveness and learning to truly love ourselves, is the key to easing psychological and societal dis-ease.. Teaching people that the solution to their problems is not ‘out there’ is the first step to freedom. Dogs offer us one of …

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  • What can you do when Trust is Broken?

    Trust is an essential aspect of all good relationships. Underpinning all trust is the implicit value that a someone has the best intentions for us. People can make mistakes and let us down because of circumstances or personal challenges and this can still hurt us …

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  • How to Say Sorry

    Some people find saying sorry very difficult whereas others may say it too much, apologising every time something goes wrong and where they may not even be to blame. There are numerous reasons why people find saying sorry difficult – they may feel it makes …

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