Christmas Anxiety – how to cope

Christmas is potentially a time of fun, relaxation and reconnecting with family and friends.? For many, it is a time of stress, disappointment and unhappiness.? Coupled with the debt that is often incurred, it is a recipe for anxiety and alarm.

A lot of anxiety arises out of unrealistic expectations and disappointment at others’? behaviour at this time.? We can also place unreaslistic expectations on ourselves and get burnt out though overcommitting to others, feeling pressurised to spend too much and not having enough ‘down time’.

A lot of myths exist around Christmas – unquestioned assumptions of what we choose to believe we ‘should, ought of must’ do.? These are not set in stone – reflect on what you want Christmas to be about acknowledging that the spending spree is optional – spending time with others is the best gift you can give this Christmas.

Christmas Stress and Anxiety