Christmas Blues – time for reflection or distraction?

Christmas celebrations are often followed by a sense of depression or loss. There is so much anticipation about Christmas and family life, that following the ‘get togethers’, a depression or sadness can occur.

If you are feeling blue this Christmas or disappointed with the outcome of your plans, take some time out to think about what is really going on.? Do not be quick to distract yourself with typical explanations of ‘This is bound to happen – it will pass’. Examine closely what you are thinking and feeling – maybe you are asking for things to be different? Maybe you are not happy that celebrations are only centred around Christmas when you would prefer them to be a more central part of your family life? Maybe you are questioning how you are living your life which currently offers little time for fun, reflection and time with people you care about?

This Christmas, decide whether you want to ‘consume’ more of what the media, society and normality feed you? Choose life on your terms and if you are not having the life you want, there is always a way to change it – start small steps today by asking yourself what is really important to me and what do I want to communicate to others who are important to me?

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