Christmas and Psychological Health

Christmas is a time when many people become overwhelmed and are challenged by the demands they put on themselves as much as that received by others.?? Without due attention to your health – psychological as well as physical -the result can be anxiety, panic attacks and later depression.

Take responsibility for yourself this Christmas – our psychological health is affected by overindulgence in food and alcohol – coupled with expectation and disappointments in family interactions, it is the recipe for psychological disequilibrium.

Take time to reflect on your life and the quality of your relationships this Christmas – what do you want your life to be about and how can you take responsibility for bringing this about? – don’t be a victim and blame the world for what you don’t have – ask yourself? ‘What can I do to bring about the life I want to lead’. Then after the celebrations, Christmas will have been a time for enhancing your and other people’s lives.

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