Commit to Creating the Life You Deserve

2010 is the beginning of a new decade and I encourage you to
think very carefully about you want this time to be about. Instead
of new year’s resolutions which pass so quickly, take time now
to set some goals for the coming year in the following areas:

  1. Your health — without which most of the others don’t matter
  2. Your wealth — which is important and often related to your work
  3. Your personal self — your hobbies and interests
  4. Your social self — your friends, family, and community

Make each of these four goals very specific.

Let’s say your health goal is socially oriented – maybe to have better relationships with people important to you without conflict. More measurably you could plan to initiate a family gathering once a month, call one friend per week and make a time to do something together and read a new book on communication skills within four weeks of the new year and find a psychologist with whom you and your partner could find new ways to have a great relationship.

You see how it works? Your job today is to set these four big goals. To set them and commit to them.The upcoming year can be the healthiest, wealthiest, and wisest year of your life. It starts today.

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