Psychology of Debt and its Effect on Relationships

Debt can have an enormous negative effect on a relationship, increasing conflict, misunderstandings, blame and relationship breakdown.? The light-hearted maxim ‘When bills come in the door, love goes out of the window’ are no laughing matter for indiviuals experiencing the gnawing fear of increasing debt.?? When in fear and conflict, couples find it more difficult to effectively communicate and seek constructive ways to solve their problems.

Debt in and of itself is not the issue.? How individuals cope under the increasing strain is thand psychological counselling can assist them to? effectively to overcome their problems.? When emotions are high and pressures increase, it can be difficult to see through the maze but there is light at the end of the tunnel? if communication can be increased,? joint goals developed and expectations voiced and plans put in place to work through problems together.The challenge of debt, in these cases, can be an opportunity to enrich a relationship and increase its strong foundation.

Is there a ‘How To’ for Relationships?