Depression – effect of workplace changes

Reported depression in the workplace has escalated as economic changes (labelled the GFC Global Financial Crisis)? have increased stress and anxiety on two fronts.? Those who have lost their jobs, experience stress and anxiety owithchanged personal circumstances and escalating financial challenges.? Those who remain in organisations with fewer staff have seen workloads increase alongside fear for their own job safety.? Anxiety and panic attacks may be a response to increased stressors and ironically are attempts to regain control.

Depression, although seemingly a loss of interest and motivation, is the counterpart to anxiety and panic.? Depression can be seen as a ‘learned helplessness’ whereby the sufferer perceives that there is little they can do to change their circumstances.? This process is not conscious but a seemingly passive strategy to access resources to respond to challenges by removing yourself.? Alternatively, it is a strategy to avoid the anxiety of changing in the direction you may desire.

Anxiety and Depression – what’s yours about?