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Divorce and women in their twenties

Divorce when one is young seems to be influenced by factors that are not so influential in older groups.? Women in their twenties divorcing are often criticised for being unable to commit, having too much choice or simply being unable to share with another person.? It is my expereince that a major factor influencing young people contemplating divorce relates to beliefs they have about life possibilities they deemed were not available in earlier times.

When I ask a client facing divorce in their younger years for their reasons, a similar story emerges.? They simply do not want to do what they believed or witnessed their mothers and grandmothers doing – namely, conforming to social and cultural expectations of how women should be in marriage and society.? They report that their role models often ‘put up with‘ a less-than-desirable life because they believed they should.? As to whether this was the case for their own mothers and grandmothers, is not important – their beliefs in what happened is formed from many sources.? Younger women are simply not prepared to do this and will make the necessary changes to protect themselves from the pain of future regret.

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