Divorce – can you live with you?

Divorce means different things to different people but my experience shows that for the people involved, something changes dramatically within them after the experience. Whatever the reasons for marrying, there must have been the belief that it was a desirable institution and therefore associated with beliefs, dreams, expectations and desires. Divorce not only ends the existing relationship but challenges the partners to re-think their beliefs and is a reminder of uncertainty and change.

If those involved in divorce take the time to evaluate these changes, they can learn the most important lesson for creating satisfying relationships with others – that we must each learn to like ourselves and live in harmony with ourselves. It is only then that a person can truly form satisfying relationships with others and others will be attracted to them since they believe themselves to be valuable. Divorce therefore challenges a person to learn to live with yourself rather than rushing to find another person theybelieve will make them happy. No one can make you happy nor are other people responsible for your happiness. This responsibility lies with you.

Divorce and women in their twenties