Ending a Relationship

Ending a relationship can be difficult, regardless of whether you are the person negotiating the break or the one who feels abandoned and wishing the relationship would continue.? Relationships are bound together by many strands and walking away from a shared journey, particularly if that relationship has been long, involved partners facing difficult challenges or raising children, requires major re-adjustment.

If one partner is leaving for someone else, it can cause enormous strain on the new relationship especially where children from the old union are involved or where the ex-partner finds it very difficult to work through the separation.? Often, despite a new relationship, the leaving partner may often experience periods of regret, a desire to run back to the family home or even resent the new partner.

Whatever your situation, acknowledge that you are going through major change, emotions will be complex and it is important to find a way to process this change and not allow the associated anxiety and panic to deteriorate into depression or further ill health.

Personality Differences in Relationships