Family Challenges at Christmas

Christmas offers the opportunity for time with those we love.? It is also a time when disappointments, arguments and unfulfilled expectations see people blaming each other for ‘spoiling their Christmas’.? I want to tell you something very important which, if you truly get it, will transform everything you do.


People around you may do things which are unkind, unfair or unreasonable.? Your current circumstances may be difficult.? However, these things can’t affect you without your permission.? Think about this carefully.? You are in control of your responses and the extent to which you ‘buy in’ to others’ behaviour and comments.

A way to check and see if you are not taking responsibility for yourself is ask ‘Am I blaming someone or something for what is happening here?‘? If you say ‘yes’ then you are relinquishing responsibility for your reactions to other people or other things.? You will always be trapped if you do this.

The good news is that although we can’t change others, we can change ourselves and when we do, the dynamic in our interactions changes.? Then things do change.? So this Christmas, don’t ask others to change – change yourself – and choose how you want to react to what is going on around you.? This will be the source of your freedom to choose how you want to live your life.

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  1. bett

    last christmas was very traumatic. lots of worry, lots of mis understanding, mis hearing, and mis interpretation. interpreters needed and understanding of self