Is there a ‘How To’ for Relationships?

There’s a ‘How To…’ for everything these days – so what about a ‘How to’ for relationships?

Relationship counselling is a process enabling people having difficulties in their relationships to explore what’s happening and to develop their unique toolkit to navigate difficult times. More importantly, to have satisfying and enjoyable relationships with others.? It all begins with having a great relationship with yourself. Getting to know yourself can be more difficult than you think. Accepting things about yourself you don’t like and want to change and acknowledging your part in creating your relationships is essential if you are to get along well in a relationship.

Couples counselling is not about ‘Kiss and Make Up’. It’s about consciously communicating with another person and each taking responsibility for your part in creating what happens to you.? So if you want a ‘How to‘ for relationships; invest time and effort in getting to know yourself well as part of getting to know your partner.? Couples counselling is a sound investment which could save your relationship and help you create relationships you never thought possible.

Relationship Difficulties – Normal or Cause for Concern?