Job Loss? Opportunity or Threat?

Everyone seems to be talking about the recession and credit crunch.? For many people, this threatens their job security and perceived options for change.? Losing a job often entails much more than a change in financial situation.? For many people, it brings up unexpected feelings and reactions e.g. feeling out of control, fear of the future, perceived loss of social status, lowered self worth and change in one’s self identity.

Some people might feel shame, blaming themselves that if they were good enough, it wouldn’t have happened to them. Whilst these are uncomfortable feelings and you might be tempted to immediately rush to find another job, I encourage you to take the opportunity to examine what you are doing and what you want from life – of which your job is only one apsect.

This is not to underestimate the pressure that may be caused when you have responsibilities and commitments to other people.? This is an important aspect that limits the extent of your actions- however, many people I work with regarding job loss who have the courage to explore the imposed change on them, reap enormous benefits from reflecting on the unexpected opportunities that subsequently arise.? Opportunities can be missed if you rush to return to the status quo – investing in exploring what is important to you and where you are going can reap enormous benefits.? You could find that you will look back and be glad that job loss happened – for the new path that opened up is much more in line with your true aspirations and dreams.

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