Losing your job – what next?

Many people come to see me having just lost their job or are faced with the challenges of a failing small business.? There can be enormous stress associated with this life change, particularly if you don’t have a financial payout or savings to help them through your crisis.? Their focus is often ‘How do I find another job as soon as possible?’? The stress and anxiety are often so great that there doesn’t seem any room for reflection on whether you want to change direction, develop new skills or go into business for yourself.

If you are faced with this situation, then I encourage you strongly to make time to reflect and ask yourself this important question.? ‘What would I do if I had unlimited resources?’? This might seem unrealistic but taking a moment to answer this question, reveals what is really important to you.? If you can’t answer it easily, ask yourself ‘When did I last feel fulfilled and working in a way that made me feel great?’? Often it highlights your values and natural creative inclinations.

If answers to these questions are different from what you are doing now, don’t dismiss the possibility as unrealistic; instead, change your language to ask ‘How can I make this possible?’? You may not have the resources to do it today, but having a goal is essential in creating the life you want.? There is always a way to change your life more in the direction of your dreams.? Once you know what you want, you can look for ways to generate income to cover your responsibilities whilst invest in new avenues.? Psychological counselling can (and should be) more than ‘re-packaging you’ for the job market; it serves to create support and ways of discovering what you really want to do with your life.

Stress? Too much change or not enough?