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Male Mid Life Crisis is it a fact or fallacy?

Male Mid Life Crisis is it a fact or fallacy?

Mid life crisis for men is a period of life recognisable by typical behaviour, attitudes and feelings.  Typically, someone experiencing mid life crisis questions:

  •    how they are living their life
  •    the merits of living traditionally
  •    whether their relationship (if they are in one) is sufficient
  •    why they suddenly feel old or that life has passed them by
  •    how they can get back joy and fun in their life
  •    shall I take this last ‘bite of the cherry’?

Male mid life crisis is typically criticised as the middle aged man wanting to recapture his youth, but is this justified or are the actions and behaviour of the individual an opportunity to reflect on their life and ask some important questions of how they want the future to be?  If one lives what might be called a ‘traditional’ life (and that isn’t as typical behind closed doors as one might think or desire), the conformity required can be onerous.  Focus is typically on marriage, creating wealth to support one’s family and bringing up children and providing for their future.  When one reaches mid life, it is probably reasonable  to question how much they are living their own life.  Trying to grasp a last ‘bite of the cherry’ might be the criticism the mid life sufferer is greeted with, and yet might discourage a man taking time out to explore what is important to him and how he can ensure his later years are lived with meaning and purpose.

Written by: Clare Mann