Mid Life Crisis?

Mid life crisis is often blamed for sudden shifts in behaviour of people of a certain age – generally men.

It is assumed that changes are due to awareness of one’s age, questioning life’s meaning and panic over dwindling life opportunities. Because it occurs during the 40/50s age group, the individual often has existing commitments and responsibilities, making changes more problematic.

Mid Life Crisis

Mid Life Crisis

The person is often faced with criticism or resistance from others who feel the impact of their changed behaviour – thus the person’s desires and actions are often trivialised. A midlife crisis is an attempt to restart or reclaim a lifestyle that fits more with individual choice and freedom.

It is common at this age for the person to have an affair (if in a relationship), buy a new car, quit a seemingly ok job or adopt new philosophies or belief systems. This can be challenging for others who feel uncomfortable with their seemingly ‘bizarre behaviour’.

What if the concept of mid life crisis was a myth, highlighting the inability of others (possibly the sufferer too) to accept the real dilemma faced? It could be an excuse for not fully taking responsibility for one’s choices?

The belief that ‘all will return to normal once the crisis passes’ minimises our uniqueness and limits how we explore life’s choices. This is not to minimise the suffering of the individual or those affected by it – but by being prepared to ask questions without assumed ‘one size fits all’ answers, you have greater opportunity to live a rich and authentic life.

The alternative is to deny real responsibility for this precious commodity called ‘your life‘.

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