Midlife Crisis Arriving Earlier?

Recent research from the UK indicates that symptoms and signs associated with midlife crisis appear to be occurring in age groups before the traditional 40s and 50s.? The UK counselling service Relate said that increasing? work hassles, money worries and loneliness mean people aged 35 to 44 are the unhappiest in society.? People in this category then feel disillusioned and trapped and become depressed as they consider what it’s going to take to change their lives.

midlife crisis

It is a concerning finding but is it really mid life crisis? In fact does a mid life crisis actually exist or are the signs and symptoms not a function of age or life stage but a result of people not living their lives according to their own values?? This is possible at any age. ? Myths are socially and culturally created assumptions that result in us ‘doing’ what we believe we should do or which ‘should’ bring us happiness and contentment.? For many they may, but if a person if going along with the crowd (often unknowingly) and not happy, it can be challenging to make changes and literally ‘leave the rat race’ or whatever race they find themselves running in.

I tell my clients that they are health-seeking creatures whose feelings and physical and psychological health shout loudly at times when we don’t listen to ourselves.? Anxiety and stress, despite their unmistakable pain, can be important and supportive allies who are imploring us to look at our lives and make changes.

It doesn’t surprise me that midlife symptoms begin at an earlier age.? Questioning your life choices at any age is a valuable process and enables you to truly create what you want – not according to others’ expectations on via a well-trodden path that presumably leads to success.? Success is something that must be evaluated on your own terms.

The Solution To Mid Life Crisis