Midlife Crisis ? Concern vs Opportunity to Live Life?

When we hear the term Midlife Crisis, a wry smile crosses many people?s faces as enormous assumptions arise regarding typical behaviour associated with the person in crisis. Assumptions relate to the subject normally being male, seemingly seeking freedom, relinquishing their responsibilities of work and family, seeking a new or younger partner or splashing out on a new car. However, behind these pejorative assumptions, what it is about the type of behaviour that labels it as Crisis? Are the assumptions that it is somehow inappropriate, ridiculous and amusing further limiting our potential to see the situation objectively or with fresh eyes? What if stereotypical behaviour masked a greater yearning which had been suppressed in earlier years with activities and responsibilities, yet if acknowledged, might have resulted in the person choosing a different path?

Many of my clients are troubled and overwhelmed by what they consider is their ‘midlife crisis’? They struggle with the desire for something new whilst feel guilty walking away from their responsibilities.?? By taking time out to talk in confidence about their predicament, many of my clients have gone on to live tremendously enriching lives – without guilt – whether with their existing partners or not.? Those those trivialise their complex reactions and believe it will pass, only delay the problem which comes back later, insisting on being addressed.

Mid life crisis – A male phenomenon?