Anxiety and Depression in the New Year

Anxiety and depression are often unexpected visitors after Christmas and New Year.? For some, these are brushed off as? reactions to the end of the holiday.? For others, the anxiety is much greater and develops into panic attacks or depression.

Anxiety and depression are powerful responses to unresolved conflict in our lives.? Many people find this statement strange, questioning whether they do indeed have conflict in their life.? Contrary to conflict, many people lack insufficient stimulation or insufficient interactions through which to experience conflict.
Conflict often occurs when we avoid addressing important questions about our lives or when we fail to access these important questions by attributing our unhappiness to conditions called Anxiety or Depression.

If you are experiencing a general dis-ease as you approach the New Year, or feel more strongly the challenging effects of anxiety or depression, ask yourself? “What is my anxiety and depression really trying to tell me?”? You will often find that these conditions arise with the realisation that you are not living a life that is full of meaning, purpose and connection – or the meaning, purpose and connections you have are not those you would choose, rather those dictated to by other people or society.

Don’t delegate responsibility for your life to anyone else.? Start today to find out what you want your life to be about and take steps to make it a reality

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