Personality differences in relationships – Cause for concern or opportunity to grow?

Personality differences are often blamed for why couples have conflict in their relationships.? What exactly are personality differences and do they matter? ‘Personality’ is the enduring characteristics of an individual that make them recognisable over time and situation.? Personality measures identify and highlight specific traits or when in combination, a personality type.

Relationship differences?

Relationship differences?

These differences can cause couples challenges as individuals may see the world very differently and as a result, behave very differently.? For example, imagine someone prefers things to be organised and arranged well in advance vs their partner who prefers to be spontaneous.? Such differences can result in blame or criticism from either partner who implores the other person to be different.? However, if their behaviour is typical and natural for them, then changing is like asking them to write with their other hand.

If you find that you and your partner battle over seemingly very different ways to doing things, take time out to explore how each of you do things.? Avoid getting caught up in the actual problem (e.g. the event you are planning), instead, focus on understanding each other’s way of doing things.?? Adjustments can then be made to accommodate each other’s needs without compromising who each of you are.? Personality differences ten offer an opportunity for each person to grow in a relationship.

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