Psychology of Integrity

My recent expereince of selling property highlighted the different beliefs on the psychology of integrity. Having accepted an offer and progressed the sale(with a buyer who excited about buying his first home), an investor offered an enhanced price if I agreed to give him the first right to exchange contracts.? I received different responses from people regarding this choice, namely: 1) This is honourable and shows integrity 2) How foolish! This is business and you are naive 3) There is no sentiment in business 4) It’s nice if you can do this but anyone would understand if you didn’t.

Integrity is associated with being honourable, fair-playing, honest, transparent and truthworthy.? My opinion is that our choice has fair-reaching consequences beyond the issue at hand.? We must behave in accordance with how we want to be treated if we want that to be so.? Appeals to market forces, business sense are no more than relinquishing responsibility for our choices – in this case, the choice to disappoint someone after a contract is agreed or even worse, ‘force his arm’ by imposing additional costs on him at the 11th hour.? I know which one I will always choose!


The Psychology of Success