Relationship Advice – Understanding differences

Successful relationships require partners to identify and communicate their needs and identify and respond to their partner’s.? When relationships deteriorate it is often due to the inability of one or both to genuinely understand the other person.? It also occurs because one or both of them blame the other person for not understanding them – when? there is a guessing-game going on with no-one

relationship advice

relationship advice

in the relationship setting expectations or educating the other of what works for them.

Imagine two people in a relationship with very different ways of acting in the world.? The man is extroverted and comes alive in the presence of other people.? The introverted woman enjoys social occasions but after a busy day, needs time to reflect and gather her energies.? To avoid conflict the woman ignores her own needs to be alone and allows her partner to launch in and share details of his day.? Then tired and irritable, she blames him for not understanding her.? Two things – firstly, she didn’t communicate her needs to him and secondly by understanding and accommodating each other’s differences, they can develop? ways that works for them.? It may be as simple as her having 30 mins alone after work whilst he calls and friend and shares events of the day.? When they come together, they are each relaxed and open to the exchange rather than resenting each other for not understanding each other.

Relationship counselling is an effective way to work through differences and learn communication and negotiation strategies to get your relationship back on track.

Relationship Counselling – Helping Couples Communicate Better