Relationship breaking up?

Relationship break ups occur for many reasons but almost invariably occurs when communication has broken down to the point when the parties are unable to convey what they mean and have it understood, and be able to understand or accept their partner’s perspective. ? Romantic relationships are particularly prone to myths – unquestioned assumptions and expectations of how you want ‘your relationship’ to be.? When your partner or your life with them doesn’t turn out how you have expected, it can cause alarm, criticism, blame and disappointment.

Your relationship is unique.? You and your partner are unique and your interaction is unique. Applying socially or culturally defined expectations of how your relationship should be, only serves to disappoint the participants.? You have to choose what you each want – even if some of those things reflect what we believe other relationships have – much of this is myth and fantasy – the belief in the ‘normal’ relationship.? When you only see your partner through those myths, you take the risk of not seeing the person – instead, a projection of your stereotypes of what they should be.? The road to recovery or resolution can be to ‘see’? the other and yourself with ‘fresh eyes’.? i.e. the unique individuals you are.

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