Relationship Counselling for Better Relationships

Relationships go through many changes and particularly in longer term relationships, it can be more difficult to maintain a sense of harmony and direction.? The biggest challenge that relationships face is how to allow each person to be sufficiently independent and yet inter-dependent.? Each person’s perspective changes as they grow older and the couple relax into a way of interacting that is comfortable and yet often moves away from one in which effective communication is occurring.? Under these circumstances, problems never get properly addressed and often escalate into conflict.

Unquestioned assumptions or expectations exist which may not be voiced and any changes in each partner is seen as threatening rather than a reminder of the independence of each individual.? Often an event occurs which acts as a symptom and opportunity to address the whole relationship.? Rather than being a cause of the problem, the event is a symptom providing an opportunity to address the cause of any disequilibrium.? Therefore challenges in relationships can be a gift if seen by each couple as an opportunity to review where they are and what they want their lives to be about.

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