Relationships that are bad for you

Many people are heard to say ‘I am in a personal relationship with someone who I love but I know they are bad for me.? I keep trying to get out but keep coming back.? Nothing changes and yet I can’t seem to let go’.

This happens in intimate sexual relationships but also with friends, acquaintances or family members.? Intimate relationships? are the ones which often cause the most distress, since we hold so many myths of what we ‘should’, ‘must’ or ‘ought’ to have in terms of romance or where we should be believe we should be? ‘going’ in our lives.

Logically, you may know that a certain relationship is not good for you. Emotionally, you just can’t seem to break away – and if you do, the pain is too great to stay away.? This yo-yo-ing only lowers your self-esteem and results in you lowering your standards of how you wish and know you want to be treated.? Identifying and removing the emotional blocks that keep you in this pattern can not only be liberating but open your path to create relationships with people that are truly nurturing for you.

Breaking Up – Relationship Advice