Stress and Anxiety – how can I change my life?

Stress and anxiety are such a part of our lives and yet many approaches focus on 'alleviating stress symptoms' exclusively without seeking ways to identify the underlying problems.  For many people, once the symptoms are removed, they simply return to their daily demanding schedules and routines, only to find themselves, over time, faced with the same symptoms.  Stress and anxiety are our internal responses telling that something is seriously amiss in our lives.  The rate of change we face, constant background noise, pollution, demanding schedules and the unrelenting interruptions through email, mobile phones and text messages.  Not enough time is given to relaxing and reflecting our our life choices, instead our free time is spent 'ensuring we have a great life' which means more stimulation and demands.  Changing our lives does not require us to give up all the pleasures of modern living; however, a well life is one where we live 'on purpose' and not merely falling upon the next holiday to recharge our batteries.

Solutions to the symptoms of stress and anxiety