Stress and Anxiety – slow down and enjoy the ride

Stress and anxiety are our reactions to external circumstances and our own internal expectations,beliefs and memories that trigger a flight or fight reaction.  In today's busy world, we increasingly find ourselves totally overwhelmed with the sheer amount and speed of information and demands on ourselves. 

A major contributor to stress or factor that exacerbates an already stressful situation, is the amount of noise around us.  Stop reading for a moment and listen to what is happening around you – depending on where you are, it is probable that you hear traffic, car alarms, tv, radio, talking and the constant buzzing of electrical equipment- and here comes another text or email requiring your attention. 

Under these circumstances, it is hard to listen to yourself think, yet alone develop an  internal sense of what is right for you. Whatever your situation, try to find some time each day to shut off as much external noise as possible and work towards sitting with the quiet – if you find this intolerable, then it is definitely something you need to learn to do. If you don't, the chances are that you will go through life reacting to things rather than being the chooser in your own life.    Anxiety is often a helpful alarm system that says 'stop and slow down – it's time to enjoy the ride'.

Anxiety and stress – Overwhelm or Existential?