Stress and Overwhelm – What needs to give?

Everyone I meet or see as clients these days seems to be suffering from the sheer overwhelm and stress of too much to do, too much information and not enough time to sit back and consider if they are going in the right direction. It is not until someone suffers a major change e.g. a relationship break up, illness or job loss or change, that they feel completely stressed out and seek help to overcome the difficulty.

In today’s increasingly busy and technologically-driven world, each of us is faced with a dilemma. How do we maximise the opportunities that face us and keep in touch with people using technology – and yet find time to breathe, see people who matter to us face to face and ensure we are living how we want to?

I always tell my clients ‘You weren’t put on this earth to feel overwhelmed and lunge from one crisis to the next!’ If your life resembles more of a race or endurance test and you simply can’t find time to think about what you are doing, don’t leave it until retirement to ask some important questions. Seek help to make some important changes to your life – and make sure you are living a life , not just making a living!

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