Stress management

Stress management solutions are increasingly sought by all sectors of the population. The pace of our lives and the expectations by others and those we place upon ourselves, often become unreasonable and cause enormous stress.

A person may look around and see others coping well so assume there is something wrong with them. However, reports of feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and, for many, burntout, is testimony that maybe some expectations today are unreasonable.

It is each individual’s responsibility to reflect on how they set their lives up and how they want to live. A recent report in the UK stated that people in their thirties are experiencing what is typically called a midlife crisis – it seems that this is not reserved for people in their 40s and 50s. Instead, maybe a reflection of feeling under stress and questioning their the hoped-for rewards of a certain lifestyle.

Stress management techniques are available to help people re-evaluate their own stress levels, provide assistance to manage their reactions whilst taking a longer view on the consequences and implications of change. Immediate relief is available to help people cope with the reality of the demands in their life and can provide space to then make valuable and rewarding changes.

Stress and Overwhelm – What needs to give?