Stuck in Depression

Do you feel Stuck in Depression? Getting out of bed is hard enough in the morning for you but somehow you manage to do this. The rest of the day seems to be run on autopilot. Sound familiar? Many people experience debilitating depression and would never venture far from their home if external demands permitted. Depression is a painful experience but despite the reasons you might believe have caused it and keep it in place, often it results because of the reasons we are not prepared to look at. Changes might have happened in your life which you point to as the cause of your depression. You may not have the life you believed you would have or the partner, family, job or finances you believe you deserve.

Whilst you stay stuck believing that your dreams being granted are the only way out of your depression, you will remain stuck. You can change this situation and live a great life – but it requires the willingness to change and examine unconscious as well as conscious factors that you keep you stuck.

Mid life crisis and depression