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  • Tips for saying “no”

    Why Can’t I Say No When Saying Yes Causes Me So Much Stress? Saying ‘No’ or ‘Not Yet’ or simply ‘I have too much on my plate at the moment and can’t do this now’ is enormously difficult for many people. Often they appeal to …

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  • Burnout and Stress – alleviation can’t be outsourced

    Burnout and stress are highly prevalent around Christmas and New Year.? Over committing to events and others’ expectations means little time for reflection and relaxation.? It is tempting to see solutions outside of yourself, seeking the approval or validation of others for continuing the fast …

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  • Stress and Burnout – Realities of our Choices

    Stress and burnout often result when we simply take on too much, believing that somehow there is a formula which will enable us to do more and more.? I seldom find people who are looking to fill their time.?? New opportunities arise and it seems …

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