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  • Psychometrictesting

    Where do you give up the power to choose?

    How does an internal sense of “rightness” affect how we make choices?

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  • Delaying Choice

    Where are you giving away your power to choose?

    Where are you giving away your power to choose what you want to do, have and be? A recent conversation with a person in my local wine shop was a wonderful example of people giving away their power to outside forces. The man greeted me …

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  • The Secret to Happiness and Creating the Life You Want To Live

    Do you wonder why you are not happy, possibly despite achieving what you have set out to achieve? Do you keep expending effort to get the outcomes you believe will make you happy but somehow leave you wanting more? As a psychologist who has heard …

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  • Resistance To Change – How we sabotage ourselves

    Quite often the very problem or issue we seek to resolve will appear as a barrier to change. This resistance to change can manifest repeatedly as excuses rather than being the key to changing our patterns.

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  • Resistance to change

    Seeking help from a psychologist is an important step in overcoming the challenges you face in transforming your life. However, many clients come to a few sessions and then find reasons why they can’t continue. These may be practical, financial, insufficient time, childcare arrangements or …

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  • When You Can’t Say No

    Many of my clients want to make changes to their lives and logically see all the reasons why they should change their jobs, relationships and social interactions.? However, the nearer they come to making the changes,? the greater the anxiety associated with it.? Panic or …

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  • Commit to Creating the Life You Deserve

    2010 is the beginning of a new decade and I encourage you to think very carefully about you want this time to be about. Instead of new year’s resolutions which pass so quickly, take time now to set some goals for the coming year in …

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  • Why am I living like I am?

    Modern living is challenging with pressure on us to ‘make the most of our lives’. Markers of achievement like our job, relationship, financial status and lifestyle are invariably used to see if we are on track.? However, whilst we can learn the ‘how’ and ‘what’ …

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  • Stress and Burnout – Realities of our Choices

    Stress and burnout often result when we simply take on too much, believing that somehow there is a formula which will enable us to do more and more.? I seldom find people who are looking to fill their time.?? New opportunities arise and it seems …

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  • Psychometric Tests – Predicting or crushing creativity?

    Psychometric tests can be valuable indicators of an individual’s abilities, aptitudes or personality characteristics deemed important in effective job performance or other activities.? They are based on a number of assumptions: That particular characteristics are directly related to the demands of the job/circumstance and without …

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