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  • The cost of not voicing the unspeakable

    Shania Twain?s new book ?From This Moment On? tells the story of her life and why she believes she has lost her ability to sing. Apparently she is suffering from Dysphonia, a condition whereby a person loses their voice following, amongst others things, emotional trauma. …

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  • Crucial conversations and effective communication

    Why is the ability to have a “crucial conversation” so important to effective communication?

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  • Communication Breakdown – Difficulty in Having Crucial Conversations

    Communication breakdowns often occur between couples or between anyone when one or more of the people involved are unable to face potential conflict. As opinions will always differ, this causes huge problems, particularly when things are not resolved and leave a lingering atmosphere or tension. …

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  • healthy relationships

    A Healthy Relationship

    A healthy relationship is what everyone says they want and yet few people seem to be able to sustain healthy relationships. Some people have particular challenges with different types of relationships – for example, they have healthy connections with friends or family but find intimate …

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