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    Divorce and women in their twenties

    Divorce when one is young seems to be influenced by factors that are not so influential in older groups.? Women in their twenties divorcing are often criticised for being unable to commit, having too much choice or simply being unable to share with another person.? …

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  • Divorce – can you live with you?

    Divorce means different things to different people but my experience shows that for the people involved, something changes dramatically within them after the experience. Whatever the reasons for marrying, there must have been the belief that it was a desirable institution and therefore associated with …

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  • Getting Divorced? End of the Road or Turning the Corner?

    Divorce – the end of a legal contract of marriage between two people is an experience? unique to the individuals involved.? Some people feel devastated, abandoned, fearful, lonely, angry and left feeling that everything has lost purpose and meaning. For others, divorce offers relief after …

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