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  • Up In The Air Movie

    In Up in the Air movie, starring George Clooney, he invites us to complete a self-reflective exercise on what is weighing us down in life.? He uses the analogy of a back-pack which begins empty and to which we are invited to add all the …

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  • Losing your job – what next?

    Many people come to see me having just lost their job or are faced with the challenges of a failing small business.? There can be enormous stress associated with this life change, particularly if you don’t have a financial payout or savings to help them …

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  • Job Loss? Opportunity or Threat?

    Everyone seems to be talking about the recession and credit crunch.? For many people, this threatens their job security and perceived options for change.? Losing a job often entails much more than a change in financial situation.? For many people, it brings up unexpected feelings …

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