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  • Breaking Up – Relationship Advice

    Breaking up is hard to do – as the song goes.? Complex feelings, thoughts and experiences accompany a break-up.? These need to be made sense of since much of the yo-yo-ing that occurs in relationships is due to fear, panic and lack of trust in …

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  • Relationships that are bad for you

    Many people are heard to say ‘I am in a personal relationship with someone who I love but I know they are bad for me.? I keep trying to get out but keep coming back.? Nothing changes and yet I can’t seem to let go’. …

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  • What can you expect from relationship counselling?

    Relationship Counselling can be enormously helpful to couples or between family members who struggle to resolve issues on their own. When emotions are high, opinions differ and the stakes are high, it becomes more difficult to address difficult issues. This can come as a surprise …

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  • Relationship Troubles ? Where do you start?

    Relationship troubles often leave a couple floundering for ways to work through the inevitable mis-communication that results once troubles begin. Sometimes it is obvious to both partners what the problems are – an event may have happened which becomes the reason for the tension; other …

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  • Valentines Day – Don’t leave your day to chance

    Valentines day is a date in the calendar when many people experience a profound shift in their wellbeing, dependent on the actions of others they believe or hope, have feelings of love or attraction towards them. People who receive gifts or cards from people they …

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  • Toxic relationships – Why do you keep attracting them?

    Many people keep attracting partners, acquaintances or work colleagues that are negative or emotionally injurious to them. So common is this for some people that they ask ?How is it that I keep attracting the same people? When asked for relationship advice my experience is …

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