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  • Toxic Workplace Relationships

    Toxic Relationships in the Workplace

    Everyone experiences relationship challenges in the workplace. Differences exist between people, which result in mild disagreements through to extreme conflict. What are the actual behaviours that result in relationships being called toxic? The Word ‘toxic’ is used when something is harmful and causes sickness. Long-term …

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  • Toxic Relationships – cycle of destruction

    Toxic relationships result in individuals entering a cycle of destructive and angry exchanges and interactions. Often one partner is more passive or feels overwhelmed and overpowered by the other and finds themself caught in a complex spiral of interactions that only leave them feeling deflated, …

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  • Toxic Relationships – A factor in depression

    Toxic relationships are those characterised by bitterness, criticism, negativity and patterns of emotional and often physical violence.  They make either or both partners negative and often exhausted by the dance of 'good and bad times' that result.  Things go well for a while and then …

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  • Couples Counselling

    Toxic relationships and how to change them

    Toxic relationships are characterized by bitterness, resentment, compromise, conflict and ultimately do not serve any of the people in them. They occur in friendships, intimate relationships, families and in the workplace. They are toxic because they result in people feeling sick, abused, diminished and generally …

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  • Toxic Relationships – Doomed or Redeemable?

    Toxic relationships are those where there is animosity, anger, bitterness and resentments.? They occur for many reasons but they are always damaging to the partners involved.? These relationships continue for many reasons; the partners are addicted to a yo-yo pattern of bitterness and resentments accompanied …

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  • Toxic Relationships – How To Recognise Them

    Relationships that exist within? cycle of negativity, blame, criticism and possession of one or both partners become toxic relationships.? The negativity grows as one or both partners experience a self-loathing and diminishing self-esteem as they repeatedly try to break the cycle and yet fail.? Self-blame …

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