The cost of not voicing the unspeakable

Shania Twain

Shania Twain?s new book ?From This Moment On? tells the story of her life and why she believes she has lost her ability to sing.

Apparently she is suffering from Dysphonia, a condition whereby a person loses their voice following, amongst others things, emotional trauma. It would appear that she has experienced her fair share of trauma, more recently the betrayal of both her husband and best friend (who are now partners) has undoubtedly contributed a lot of stress to her life. She herself states feeling she should keep everything to herself and present a strong face to the world, has taken its toll.

Having worked with hundreds of individuals over twenty years, I have come across others whose inability to speak the unspeakable or express deep trauma, results in losing their voices. This would seem to be particularly the case if a person needs or uses their voice in their professional life. Other examples of the ?body speaking the mind? so to speak include a football player who repeatedly broke his right foot (whilst not on the football pitch), a golfer who damaged his fingers on the hand that guided the club (again outside of playing golf) and an opera singer who lost his voice with no apparent physical damage to his larynx (voice box).

Effective communication is more than verbally expressing something. Effective communication skills begin with our ability to have a conversation with ourselves, to listen to that inner voice of what we need and to listen carefully to what we must do to live a life that is congruent and authentic.

Psychological wellbeing requires expert communication

  1. Mike

    I have noticed Shania Twain’s disappearance from the public eye, and I am sorry that the circumstances that led to it are so unfortunate.

    The evidence is piling up for the importance of timely communication of emotions, including difficult ones.

    From you experience, is it possible to recover from Dysphonia?