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Secret to Happiness and Creating the Life You Want To Live

Secret to Happiness and Creating the Life You Want To Live

Do you wonder why you are not happy, possibly despite achieving what you have set out to achieve? Do you keep expending effort to get the outcomes you believe will make you happy but somehow leave you wanting more? As a psychologist who has heard the stories of hundreds of men and women over the years, I believe that inherent in every problem lies its solution. Look at the choices you have made and then ask yourself to honestly answer this question What do I really want my life to be about? If your answer is anything short of what you are currently doing, then let me remind you of an important quote by Catherine Ponder (1984:252) in The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity:

Build the mental picture of what you really want, not what someone else wants you to have or what you think it is your duty to have but what you really want. Many people lead miserable lives of failure because they try to please others. Your life is a divine gift for you to live, not for someone else to live for you. Only what you sincerely want can make you happy. Build mental pictures upon that and nothing less

You owe it to yourself to seek the guidance to help you navigate the changes to live the life you truly want to live. If you are feeling anxious or even experience panic attacks, the answer to your dilemma might be nearer to home than you think.

When life seems to be unravelling 

Written by: Clare Mann