Toxic relationships – Why do you keep attracting them?

Many people keep attracting partners, acquaintances or work colleagues that are negative or emotionally injurious to them. So common is this for some people that they ask ?How is it that I keep attracting the same people? When asked for relationship advice my experience is that whatever your biggest fear or challenge, the more likely you are to keep attracting it until you identify the pattern, release the energy associated with the initial trauma, belief or experience, and create a more constructive pattern.

When a pattern keeps repeating, it is often fueled by unconscious impulses and no amount of logic or reason will change the pattern. The associations at an unconscious level must be changed and then the pattern will no longer emerge. Once a pattern is changed, you will no longer be attracted or attract toxic relationships into your life.

If you so in the early stages of your change, you will recognize your pattern and remove yourself from the situation.

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